Timor Leste Haupo villiage

Timor Leste Haupo villiage

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Our Timor Leste is a coffee we are particularly proud of. Timor is not known for its specialty coffee however through relationships we can better its story and coffee.

This coffee is developed by our green bean partner through on the ground work and investment into producers livelihoods.

It comes from small producers in the Letefoho Region of Timor Leste and can be found in our Arrival Blend and on occasion as a single origin for espresso

Variety: Typica & Timor Hybrid

Process: Washed

Notes of chocolate malt with mild fruits.

This coffee is perfect for drinking with milk.

Timor-Leste has a fascinating and long coffee history. Coffee was first cultivated in the early 19th century while the territory was under Portuguese colonial rule. The Portuguese had arrived for sandalwood but after they exhausted the supply, coffee became the primary export. In the 1920’s a spontaneous interspecific cross between robusta and arabica was discovered, Hibrido de Timor. This became the genetic foundation for almost all leaf rust resistant varieties world wide.
East Timor's total production is relatively small at around 160,000 bags or 550 containers in a good year. The local market is dominated by a duopoly of exporters that account for nearly 80% of the total exports. Timor’s production is primarily commercial grade arabica, with small volumes of robusta and comparatively tiny volumes of specialty. Despite it’s incredible potential, Timor’s coffee industry has staggered particularly in recent times of war and ensuing political, economic and social volatility.
Our Timor village lots and regional coffees are the result of our green partner, MTC, developing supply lines along with technical assistance and processing equipment being donated to the coffee lands of Ermera. MTC have worked relentlessly to help organize underprivileged local small-holders while providing much needed market access, infrastructure, and technical support. Today
these farmer groups are producing genuine specialty coffees with improved access to international specialty markets. The result and the ongoing goal: a fantastic cup and improved farmer livelihoods.
This beautiful coffee comes from the suco (village) of Haupu, the traditional home of MTC's local partner, Sr. Domingos Sarmento. Sr. Domingos is highly respected as a freedom fighter during the Indonesian occupation and later as Minister for
Justice in the Timorese government. Haupu is the site of the MTC wet-mill that we are delighted to have contributed towards.