Brazilian Coffee

Our Brazil comes from the Esteemed Cocarive Cooperative in the mountains of Mantequira de Minas. Mantequira de Minas has a unique micro climate and it has been recognized as such by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association. The Cooperative is owned by the growing number of members and the coffees they produce regularity feature on Cup of Excellence lists. Being member owned means that all of their profits are reinvested. They have a strong belief in sustainability and through contemporary and sustainable techniques, modernization of machinery, and skilled and educated workforce they push quality every year. The property also has a huge environmental focus, they are expanding the natural forest and preserve a natural spring on the land. They have over 200 varieties of native trees many of which are on the brink of extinction in Brazil.  

The Coffee we use is in our Arrival blend is a Natural processed blend from the area which showcases the amazing work being done to raise the quality of the entire harvest, and not just the micro lots.

We also regularly offer Estate lots from the Coop, keep an eye out for these as they represent the amazing individual farms.  


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