Colombia Las Flores Sidra Bourbon Anaerobic Thermal Shock

Colombia Las Flores Sidra Bourbon Anaerobic Thermal Shock

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Origin : Colombia
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Altitude: 1700 - 1780 meters above sea level
Producer: Jhoan, Carlos & Diego Vergara
Variety: Sidra Bourbon
Process: Anaerobic Thermal Shock

Tasting Notes: Light, sweet and jammy with notes of florals and tropical fruits.

In the heart of Acevedo, Finca Las Flores thrives under distinct humidity levels, temperature variations and an annual rainfall of 1113mm, all contributing to optimal conditions for coffee cultivation. The farm cultivates varieties including Java, Pacamara, Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Chiroso, Sidra and Catimor.

Sidra is renowned for its high yields while the plant itself is distinguished by its thick trunks. Dark green leaves adorn its branches, while its cherries grow densely packed, larger and rounder compared to other varieties.

After harvesting the ripest cherries, a manual selection process is undertaken to eliminate impurities, followed by an 18-hour fermentation in permeable polypropylene fibre bags. The coffee then undergoes another 36-hour anaerobic fermentation without water in 200-litre plastic barrels, followed by flotation to discard impurities and subsequent pulping.

Deviating from conventional norms, another 48-hour anaerobic fermentation ensues, concluding with a warm thermal shock wash of 35°C. The coffee is then placed on solar parabolic canopy dryers for 12 to 15 days. Finally, it undergoes rigorous quality control, including analysis by the quality team, stabilisation in the warehouse, hulling and sorting.

Farm History Operated by third-generation growers, the Vergara brothers, Finca Las Flores started in 1990 with a modest 2 hectares and 1,800 Caturra and Colombia variety trees. In 2006, brothers Carlos, Jhoan and Diego expanded the farm’s offering by incorporating more varieties. Now spanning 14.5 hectares with 90,000 coffee trees, 1.5 hectares are a nature reserve.

In 2006, Finca Las Flores achieved 16th place in the Cup of Excellence, reinforcing the Vergara family’s dedication to superior coffee quality. Today, Carlos and Diego oversee logistics, while Jhoan focuses on quality assurance. With 30 years of experience, the Vergara family combines traditional practices with innovation, driving significant advancements in coffee production.