Rwanda Kanyege Natural      Espresso

Rwanda Kanyege Natural Espresso

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Variety: Bourbon

Region: Nyakabingo

Process: Natural

Crisp, Full and Winey with notes of berries, spice, cocoa and black tea.

The Kanyege washing station is situated near the town of Nyamasheke in the Nyakabingo region of Rwandaas Western province. The station is situated 1920m above sea level and collects cherry from 940 farmers who typically have less than 2 acres of land between 1800 - 2100 meters above sea level in the surrounding hillls.

In order to reach Kanyege washing station, the last kilometer or so must be traveled on foot. The path is lined with plots of healthy Bourbon trees set on a hilly landscape. Between December and May the branches of the trees are weighed down with cherry that becomes redder and redder as the season goes on. Soon, those perfectly red cherries will be picked and delivered to Kanyege washing station. Cherry delivered to Kanyege comes from farms at altitudes between 1,800 and 2,100 meters above sea level. 

Rwacof (Sucafina Rwanda) purchased the station in late 2017. The following season was a difficult one for farmers in the Nyamasheke region due to the convergence of a periodic low cycle and a severe hailstorm that lowered production by 40%. 

The 2019 season saw great recovery for farmers and the station alike. Volumes are up and the cup quality remains among the best in the country.  

Kanyege washing station is part of Sucafina Rwanda’s Farm Management project. The project trains casual workers in best agricultural practices and connects them with farmers. Workers can help farmers with activities such as pruning, fertilzer and pesticide application and harvesting. During the season, casual workers are paid by Sucafina Rwanda. Then, when farmers deliver their cherry to Kanyege washing station or another Sucafina Rwanda station, they repay Sucafina Rwanda for the labor they received during the season.  

Cherry is selectively handpicked by farmers and delivered to Kanyege washing station. At intake, the station floats all cherry to remove any low-density cherry. Then, the high-density cherry is hand sorted to remove any visible defects.  Cherry is then dried on raised beds for 14-16 days.



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