Colombia Colombia La Nature Triple Fermentation Natural          Filter

Colombia Colombia La Nature Triple Fermentation Natural Filter

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Colombia La Natura Pink Bourbon Triple Fermentation Natural

Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila

Sub Region: San Agustin

Altitude: 2250 meters above sea level

Farm: Finca La Nature

Owner: Felipe Ospina

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process:  Triple Fermentation Natural

Tasting Notes: Juicy and acidic with notes of banana, tropical fruit, berries, citrus and pineapple.

Felipe Ospina, biologist by trade, founded Colors of Nature in 2007 to promote sustainable specialty coffees at prices that combat poverty and support producer livelihoods. He also works as a processing instructor.

In addition to the Pink Bourbon in this lot, Felipe cultivates 14 other coffee varieties on the farm.

At Finca La Nature, Felipe maintains the existing areas of native cloud forest on his land. He also cultivates living barriers that prevent erosion and provide a habitat for pollinators like bees and hummingbirds.

After selective handpicking, ripe cherry is inoculated with specific microorganisms to control fermentation and sealed inside an airtight container. The seal creates an anaerobic environment where the lack of air allows different enzymes, yeasts and bacteria to dominate fermentation. The result is a coffee with different flavours than if the coffee was fermented in an open container.  Once fermentation is complete, the cherry is laid in thin layers to sun dry. Cherry is raked frequently to ensure even drying.

Colombia boasts a wide range of climates and geographic conditions that, in turn, produce their own unique flavours in coffee. This also means that harvest times can vary quite a bit. In fact, between all its different regions, Colombia produces fresh crop nearly all year round.

The increasing focus on the specialty industry is changing the way traders and farmers do business. It is becoming more common for farmers to isolate the highest quality beans in their lots to market separately. These higher quality lots are often sold under specific brands or stories.