Brazil Fazenda Ondas da Mantiquiera      Espresso

Brazil Fazenda Ondas da Mantiquiera Espresso

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Variety: Red Catuaí, Yellow Catuaí

Region: Mantiquiera

Process: Natural

Rich and balanced with notes of stone fruits, vanilla and milk chocolate. 


Fazenda Ondas da Mantiqueira was established in 1850 and witnessed the second half of the Empire of Brazil, a time of economic prosperity and political stability. The farm’s current owner, José Nicácio Itagyba de Oliveira, oversaw the farm’s conversion to organic production.  

Organic production protects both the soil and the waterways passing through the farm. There are 7 mineral springs that crisscross the property. A university laboratory in Rio de Janeiro, PUC Rio de Janeiro, analyzed these springs and confirmed that the water is safe and uncontaminated.  

De Oliveira’s principles of stewarding the environment also apply to treating employees well. He considers it his duty to see to the wellbeing of his employees. Employees live on the property in homes equipped with clean water and water heaters, and have space to keep organic gardens and raise chickens for additional food.

In addition to coffee, the farm also produces dairy, grains and bananas. The coffee fields sit at 1,100 to 1,400 meters above sea level, an excellent altitude for coffee production.  

Thanks to this altitude, and the rich soils, the coffees produced on Ondas de Mantiqueira have a delicate fruity profile with an acidic profile rarely found in Brazilian coffees.  

The plantation is divided in sixteen lots along these altitudes, with Mondo Novo, Acaia and Yellow Catuai grown throughout the farm. 

Cherry is selectively handpicked so that only ripe cherry is harvested. The farm has complete processing infrastructure to produce both Fully washed and Natural coffees. The farm’s drying terraces are well marked to enable the utmost traceability.  

Once harvested, cherry is spread to dry on drying terraces where it is turned frequently to promote even drying. If the weather is poor, drying may be finished in mechanical dryers.  

Once dry, coffees are rested and then taken to the COCARIVE warehouses. COCARIVE takes care of grading, commercialization and export. COCARIVE gives support to its members in all parts of the production chain, with guidance on cultivation, machinery, storage and finally commercialization of the beans.  



*all coffee delivered as whole bean unless specified*

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