El Salvador San Joaquin Anaerobic Washed

El Salvador San Joaquin Anaerobic Washed

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El Salvador San Joaquin Anaerobic Washed

Origin: El Salvador

Region: Santa Ana

Sub Region: Mount Ayeco

Altitude: 1553 meters above sea level

Farm: Finca San Joaquin

Owner: Pacas Family

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Tasting Notes: Sweet and balanced with notes of cherries, strawberries and tropical fruits.


The Pacas Family are Pioneers of the El Salvador specialty coffee scene with a 5 generation lineage. Jose Rosa Pacas bought some land in the Apaneca Lamatepec mountain range in the early 1800's. He bought and planted the Bourbon variety. In the mid 1900's, Fernando Alberto Pacas discovered a natural mutation on the farm and it was named after him. The Pacas variety is now a highly sought after variety.

Over the years the family gained great fame and recognitition in the coffee world and as their business grew, they reinvested into processing and export facilities, and then onto more farms.

Finca San Joaquin is a part of the reputable collection of farms from the Pacas family in El Salvador. At San Joaquin’s highest elevation there is a natural cypress forest that has been conserved. The forest provides a habitat for endangered mammals, birds, and reptiles. It is located at the Ayeco Mount, on the northeastern part of the Lamatepec Volcano.

This coffee is partially fermented in the cherry before being pulped for the remainder of the ferment, both in anaerobic conditions.