The Best Coffee Roasters in Brisbane

The Best Coffee Roasters in Brisbane

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While many people call us the best coffee roasters in Brisbane, we are certainly not the only ones. We were recently asked to provide a brief summary about who we are for The Coffee Post which you can read below or via the link.  here

Passport Specialty Coffee was established in 2018 by Aaron McKenzie and Jason Joffe as a place to make high scoring, sustainable coffees accessible to everyone, not just coffee people.

The pair met while working together at a previous roastery, they realised they both shared a love of amazing coffee and attention to detail. Aaron had 10 years of knowledge and experience in barista training, equipment and café design. Jason brought 20 years of roasting and green bean knowledge.

Passport Specialty Coffee is a culmination of everything you would imagine that this experience and knowledge manifests as. Their space is a place to experience coffee, not just consume it.

The Coffees they serve, and there are over 40 coffees on the menu, are all high scoring lots with a story to each one.

Jason spent years in green coffee sourcing prior to starting Passport and many of the coffees they serve come from his relationships and supply lines.

Passport applies this philosophy to all of their coffee, even blends. The coffee needs to be 86 points or higher, must come from transparent supply lines and must be both environmentally and economically sustainable.

This way there will be delicious coffee for generations to come.