Changes to our Departure Blend

Changes to our Departure Blend

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You may have noticed that the price has changed on our Departure blend. We are really trying to fine tune what we want this coffee to be and after months of deliberation we have decided to take a brave new step. While the previous versions of the blend were.....nice. We really wanted this blend to be the most amazing coffee blend we have ever drank. 

So we decided to up the game of the coffees in this blend, rather than change the blend. 

The Ethiopian has been swapped out from a regional Guji to a single drying station coffee. It is a little late in the year to be finding good Ethiopians, so we have a caretaker coffee in there until new crop arrives. When new crop lands in July we will return to strawberry, tropical fruit driven Ethiopians.

With PNG we have thrown caution to the wind and included the amazing Boana which we featured as a single this year to be our blend component. 

The blend is still a work in progress but we are happy with where it is heading.