Peru El Eucalypto Washed Bourbon

Peru El Eucalypto Washed Bourbon

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El Eucalypto Washed Bourbon

Origin : Peru

Region: Colasay District

Altitude: 1761 meters above sea level

Owner: Ms Luz Emerita Herrera Villanueva

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Clean and juicy with notes of lime cordial, marmalade, plum and white sugar

Proud female producer Luz Emerita Herrera Villanueva is the owner of El Eucalipto farm located in the south of Jaen in the Colasay district in the La Higuera village. For Luz coffee is the primary source of her income alongside growing bananas. She’s proud of her family and the hard work they’ve carried out at El Eucalipto. With annual consistency and great cup quality Luz is seeing the rewards pay off through the premium prices paid for her coffee. Using solely Bourbon varietal on the farm has proved successful but she’s currently considering purchasing nearby land and planting Geisha too. Yields are relatively strong with an average productivity of 20 quintales of parchment per hectare (~1100 kg/ha). Flowering occurs during August and September with harvest spanning from July through to August.

The cherry is mechanically pulped and dry/wet fermented for about 24 hours on plastic tanks. Then it is washed and dried in a solar dryer. All wastewater and mucilage is placed in a deposit in the ground. Raised pallets are used to avoid contact of parchment coffee with the floor.