Costa Rica Coope Tarrazu Anaerobic Microlot

Costa Rica Coope Tarrazu Anaerobic Microlot

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Origin: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazu

Altitude: 1450 - 1600 meters above sea level

Farm: Hacienda Cafetalera

Variety: Caturra & Catuai

Process: Pulped Anaerobic Fermentation

Tasting Notes: Smooth sticky body and mouthfeel, cherry acidity with notes of sweet cinnamon, vanilla, and milk chocolate.


The Hacienda Cafetalera is an estate farm that belongs to Coope Tarrazu Cooperative. Purchased in 2013, the farm spans 99 hectares, however
Anaerobic processing forms only a very small part of overall production from the estate.

The coffee cherries are hand harvested at their most uniform and ripe. The coffee is pulped and then placed straight into a sealed steel fermentation tank for about 4 days. It is then dried in the full sun on raised African beds.

The sale of this coffee will benefit more than 4200 members of the Cooperative. On the farm they have projects designed to research and develop improvements of the coffee production in the Tarrazu region. There are several interesting projects ongoing which include Las Casas de La Alegria (Child Care Center) for the children of the coffee pickers. The Coop also runs a responsible management system for their coffee by-products - which reduces compost emissions and waste.