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Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Arusha

Process: Washed

Notes of Tropical fruits, caramels and light spice.

This blend is perfect for drinking black or with milk.

 Baroida Estate is located in the Aiyura area of Kainantu District, Eastern Highlands Provence. The estate was founded by Ben Colbran in the 1960’s when the Government encouraged foreign agriculturalists to begin cultivating land throughout the highlands. Ben first purchased the land from a native man named Taro and was amongst the first farmer to cultivate coffee in these valleys.

The name ‘Baroida’ comes from the Baroida spirit, believed by locals to reside in a large river rock sitting in one of the main rivers flowing through the estate. This particular rock, has stubbornly remained in the middle of the river for as long as anybody can remember, refusing to budge through the most severe floods, even when other rocks have been washed away.

For decades, the Colbrans served as collectors and agents for large multinational traders,supplying high-grade plantation coffee and also locally sourced parchment. Although highly sought after, these coffees were fundamentally undervalued.

In early 2010, Our green partner MTC and the Colbran family joined in a unique specialty coffee partnership, with the aim to bypass the large multinational exporters and focus on unique, small lot specialty coffees. 

Boana is sourced from surrounding small-holder coffee communities who delivery fresh cherry to the Baroida wet mill collection. The cherry is sorted and checked for quality and the growers are paid on the spot for their crop. The coffee is processed by the Colbrnas at the Baroida mill. The Colbran family continue to push the quality envelope in one of the most challenging coffee. Flavor
profiles here are incredibly unique, with an intense and vibrant fruit-forward expression.

*all coffee delivered as whole bean unless specified*

*please comment with grind type if you would like your coffee ground*