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Indonesia Topidi Sulawesi

Origin: Indonesia

Region: Sulawesi

Town: Gowa

Altitude: 1300 - 1500 meters above sea level

Farm: various community small-holders

Community Coordinator: Daeng Balenkang

Variety: Typica

Process:  Natural

Juicy acidity, good balance and medium body. Notes of nectarine, plum, chocolate and dried fruit.

Daeng Balenkang was among the first in Gowa to bring specialty coffee production to Tinggimoncong. Daeng planted 7 Typica seedlings on his land over 50 years ago.  Since then, Daeng Balenkang, his family and their neighbours have expanded plantings around the village.

For a long time, Daeng and his fellow villagers sold wet parchment or asalan (unsorted green coffee) to the local traders in Peta Lesa village. Then, 5 years ago, they met an entrepreneurial young producer from Enrekang who helped them develop their specialty processing capacity.

Now, they produce specialty Naturals, garnering higher prices for their coffee and increasing their incomes.

There are approximately 200 hectares of coffee planted near the surrounding villages. Coffee is shade grown under native trees in a lush, forested environment.  Most farms are organic by default.

After selective handpicking, Daeng and his neighbours use a mixture of parabolic dryers and tarps to dry their cherry. Cherry is turned frequently to ensure even drying. Sucafina Indonesia purchases their coffee as dry cherry. Cherry is milled and graded for export at Sucafina’s partner dry mill in West Java.

Though Arabica coffee has been grown in the Gowa district since the colonial era (approximately 1820s to 1950s), the region is well known for coffee production. The few traders who are familiar with Gowa, think of the cheap, low quality products used in commercial blends. While historically low investment in training has led to a cycle of low quality and low price for decades, things are beginning to change. Producing communities are taking steps to improve their coffee quality including, expanding rootstock, learning specialty cultivation and processing methods, and more. Sucafina Indonesia is proud to be a part of these changes through partnerships with producers and communities in the region.



*all coffee delivered as whole bean unless specified*

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