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Ethiopia Atara Gedecho Filter

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Ethiopia Atara Gedecho Natural 

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Gedeb

Sub Region: Sakaro

Altitude: 2000 meters above sea level

Owner: Atara Gedecho

Farm size: 3.72 Hectares

Variety: JARC & Local Landraces

Process:  Natural

Tasting Notes: Bright, winey and well balanced with notes of chamomile, peach and raisin.

Atara Gedecho learned coffee farming from his parents and has been growing coffee for over a decade. With 5 children to support, Atara pivoted to specialty production and joined Gummiso Producing Group to increase his yields and coffee quality.

On Atara’s 3.725 hectare, coffee is intercropped with enset (a staple crop) and fruit trees to feed his family. The enset and fruit trees also provide shade for the coffee. After selected handpicking, Atara lay cherry to sundry of raised beds. It takes approximately 21 days for cherry to dry. 

Lalisaa is a term used to describe something that is flourishing and growing. Our Lalisaa coffees, initiated by Sucafina staff through the Farmer Hub initiative, began with the recognition that the supply chain in Ethiopia was failing to benefit smallholder farmers or reward them for producing quality coffee.