Ethiopia Meseret Tegeno     Espresso

Ethiopia Meseret Tegeno Espresso

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Ethiopia Meseret Tegenu Natural 

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Gedeb

Sub Region: Sakaro

Altitude: 2050 - 2200 meters above sea level

Owner: Meseret Teggenu

Farm size: 3.78 Hectares

Variety: JARC & Local Landraces

Process:  Natural

Tasting Notes: Bright and full bodied with notes of blueberry and strawberry.

Meseret Tegeno grew up in a family steeped in coffee. Her parents were coffee farmers who taught her everything she knows. Today, Meseret continues to farm coffee to support her family of 10 children. With over a decade of experience, she is focusing on improving her coffee quality. 

In the past few years, Meseret has renovated her rootstock, replacing older varieties with young rootstock. She has also planted inset, a native plant and common household food, to maintain soil fertility and provide shade. 

After receiving training through the Lalisaa project, Meseret says she now better understands the role that quality-focused harvesting and processing play in producing high-quality coffee. Her focus has produced increased cup scores for several years and she is continuing to implement new improvements to increase her coffee quality even more. 

Lalisaa is a term used to describe something that is flourishing and growing. Our Lalisaa coffees, initiated by Sucafina staff through the Farmer Hub initiative, began with the recognition that the supply chain in Ethiopia was failing to benefit smallholder farmers or reward them for producing quality coffee.