Big dreams

We started Passport Specialty Coffee as a way to share our amazing coffee journey with the wider community. With a combined 30 years in the coffee industry we felt our current positions were locking us into a place where we couldn't continue to explore and grow. Passport was a way to do this, and we took the plunge. 

Our goal is simple, to buy and roast amazing coffee that we want to drink ourselves. Along the way we expect to find people with the same tastes and preferences we have. We love talking to the artisans, whether it is food, wine, furniture or clothes. The product becomes irrelevant and the people involved are what makes it great. Our goal is to try and bring the artisan touch back to coffee. Come in and chat and you can talk to the people who buy and roast the coffee. No sales reps or 'director of coffee' here. Just good old fashioned family business. 




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